Saturday, February 4, 2017

The "happiest instrument in the world"

Does anyone else get somewhat annoyed by chirpy people who are always proclaiming that the ukulele is "the happiest instrument in the world"?  Or how about "you can't be sad and play the ukulele"?  Or even the extreme "you can't play a sad song on a ukulele"?

I have news for people who say those things.  It is not news that they will ever believe, because they have already decided to live by their established prejudices, but here it is:


That's right.  It doesn't have any special happy magical powers or anything like that.  It's an instrument, just like a guitar or a saxophone or a bagpipe.  Well, maybe not a bagpipe.

I once very pointedly told someone that if I couldn't play sad songs on a ukulele, I would never have wasted my time on it.

Okay, I love this instrument.  It's something that I can get my head around and my fingers to more or less work with.  I can strum chords as I sing.  That's all I ever wanted.  But no sad songs?

Do you have a favorite sad song that you like to play on your ukulele?  Leave a comment and tell me about it!

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