Saturday, July 29, 2017

Nursing home gig 7/29/2017

Great gig today, my first time in about a month, I think?  Anyway, there were two new people there who have been playing with the band for a few weeks now, but this was my first time with them since I've been gone so long.  One fiddler (James) and one drummer!  This was the first time I've played with a drummer since I was in jazz band in college.  He was really good and sat right behind me so I had this perfect metronome in my ears the whole time.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  So here's the set list.

Pick Me Up On Your Way Down - Otis
Bonaparte's Retreat - James (instrumental, fiddle)
The Lover's Waltz - Mac (instrumental, fiddle)
Cry, Cry Darling - me
Alone With You - JoDee
Green Eyes - Carrol (instrumental, guitar)
Jambalaya - Otis
Soldier's Joy - James (instrumental)
A Good Woman's Love - Mac (instrumental)
No One To Cry To - me
Faded Love - JoDee
South - Carrol (instrumental)
Truck Drivin' Man - Otis
I'll Fly Away - Sherri
Mockingbird Hill - James (instrumental)
Tennessee Waltz - Mac (instrumental)
Settin' the Woods On Fire - me
Satin Sheets - JoDee
Harbor Lights - Carrol (instrumental)
Waltz of the Angels - Otis
Red River Valley - Sherri
You Are My Sunshine - James (instrumental)
Rose of San Antone - Mac (instrumental)
Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow - me
Corrine, Corrina - JoDee
Welcome To My World - Carrol (instrumental)
Sunday Will Come Again - Otis
This World is Not My Home - Sherri
Turkey in the Straw - James (instrumental)
Ashoken Farewell - Mac (instrumental)
Goodnight Irene - me
The Old Rugged Cross - Otis

Since all I do is strum rhythmically, I considered myself part of the rhythm section, and with myself, the drummer (whose name I didn't catch), and Don, our bass player, I think we did pretty well keeping the rhythm.  Lots of fun!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Interview with Tom T. Hall

The title of this blog is kind of a pun.  "Ukulele Country" means both "a country with lots of ukulele stuff" as well as "country music on the ukulele."  This post has nothing to do with ukuleles.

My favorite songwriter is Tom T. Hall--an easy guess for anyone familiar with my YouTube channel.  Songcraft:  Conversations With Great Songwriters Podcast has an interview with the great Storyteller.  Go here to hear it:  Tom T. Hall.