Friday, June 23, 2017

Just havin' some fun

Hello, my legions of readers!  Welcome especially if you came here from hearing about this blog on The Songs Stuck in Your Head podcast!  I know there's not much on here right now, but I'm working on it.

I'm behind on posting the usual track list from the nursing home gig.  This list is from last Saturday, June 17.  I'm also going to post a few audio only videos so you can hear some of the stuff we do.

We had a couple of people at the nursing home last time who don't get there very often, so there are a few new songs on the list that we don't usually do.  The guy who usually does the opening and closing songs wasn't there, so I was volunteered to take care of that.

I don't put everyone's last names on here because I don't know if they would agree to that.  I just use first names.  So...Jimmy is an old band-mate of Carrol's.  He plays excellent fiddle and is a great singer.  He has a low, velvety voice that reminds me of Jim Reeves.  I've played with him a couple of times before.  Trish also plays fiddle and sings a little, and this was the first time I had played with her.  So here's the track list.

Settin' the Woods On Fire (me)
Yes Sir, That's My Baby (JoDee)
Danny Boy (Carrol, instrumental)
Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me (Jimmy)
Singing Waterfall (me)
Alone With You (JoDee)
South (Carrol, instrumental)
I Didn't Know God Made Honky Tonk Angels (Jimmy)
Faded Love (Trish, instrumental)
Build Me a Cabin in Gloryland (me)
Crawdad Hole (JoDee)
Down Yonder (instrumental, Carrol)
Spanish Eyes (instrumental, Jimmy and Carrol)
Kate Martin's Waltz (instrumental, Trish)
Jole Blon (me)
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey (JoDee)
Harbor Lights (instrumental, Carrol and Jimmy)
You Win Again (Jimmy)
The Ranger Waltz (Trish)
I Saw the Light (me)
Heart Over Mind (JoDee)
Green Eyes (instrumental, Carrol)
Still On My Mind (Jimmy)
Rubber Dolly (instrumental, Trish)
Room Full of Roses (me)
Coco Driel (JoDee)
Time Changes Everything (instrumental, Carrol and Jimmy)
didn't catch the title (instrumental, Jimmy and Carrol)
didn't catch the title (instrumental, Trish) I should know this one
Alligator Man (me)
My Darling Clementine (JoDee)
I Love You Because (instrumental, Carrol)
Big Mamou (instrumental and vocals, Trish)
Goodnight Irene (me)

It was a great gig, and I really enjoyed it.  I made one mistake.  I usually take my high-G tenor because it stands out better and is easier to hear, but this time on my way out of the house I accidentally grabbed my low-G tenor, which is pretty much impossible to hear among all those guitars.  New songs that I had never done at the nursing home before were "Settin' the Woods On Fire," "Jole Blon," and "Alligator Man."  The last time Jimmy and I were both there on the same day, he and Carrol had done an instrumental version of "Jole Blon," and I decided to learn the lyrics so I could sing it next time he was there since I knew he could do the fiddle parts.  "Alligator Man" is an old Jimmy Newman song that I wasn't planning on doing, but we had kind of gotten into doing some Cajun music so I thought I'd try it.  Jimmy easily improvised some fiddle parts for it even though he had never played it before, so it worked well.  "Settin' the Woods On Fire" is a Hank Williams song that was pretty easy for everyone to pick up.  I was somewhat familiar with "Big Mamou" because I had covered it for a Season of the Ukulele, but I don't have it all memorized yet and I hadn't printed a lyric sheet, so I didn't offer to sing any of it.  Maybe next time.

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