Saturday, March 18, 2017

Set list 3/18/2017

I played at our local nursing home today, first time in a month.  Unfortunately, the recording app on my phone decided to set itself to storing the file in the internal memory instead of on the SD card the way I had it set.  So I got only about an hour of recording before it ran out of space.

There were a lot of people there today.  I got only four turns out of more than 2 hours of playing time.  I also had one magnificent multi-part blooper in which I kept trying to start a song in the wrong key, and it took me 3 tries before I figured out what I was doing wrong.

I won't be able to remember the entire program, but here's what I got:

Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Victory in Jesus
Harbor Lights (instrumental, guitar lead)
I Can't Stop Loving You* (this is the one I kept screwing up on)
Uncloudy Day
Red River Valley (instrumental, fiddle lead)
Cold,Cold Heart
You Are My Sunshine
The Pillow That You Dream On

And that's all I got.  The other three songs I did were "Cross Your Heart, Not Your Fingers," "The Old Country Church," and "Build Me a Cabin in Gloryland."  The last two were regular songs, the first two were first times.

We had eight people there today:  bass, piano, fiddle, fiddle/percussion, guitar (3), and me on ukulele.

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