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Set list 2/4/17

I thought it might be interesting--mostly for me--to put a list of the songs played at the nursing home here every Saturday.  As I mentioned in the video of the previous post, a group of local musicians play for the residents at our local nursing home every Saturday afternoon, and I join them when I can.

The group consists mostly of what I guess you could call "amateur musicians" along with a couple of retired professionals.  Everyone plays guitar except for me, and I of course play the ukulele.  Most of us also sing.  We are also sometimes joined by someone on harmonica and someone on fiddle (but not always the same someones).  Most of the time there is also someone there who plays keyboard, but not this time.

Yesterday there were only six of us (sometimes it's more!).  We just go around the circle, taking turns singing.  It's very informal.  We just announce the song we are going to do, and the key we're going to do it in, and then everyone starts playing.  There were two electric guitars, two acoustic guitars, one electric bass, and myself on banjo ukulele.  One of our electric guitar players is a retired professional who doesn't sing anymore because of his hearing loss, so when it comes his turn he plays an instrumental.  Our bass player doesn't sing, so he doesn't take a turn.  We also usually begin and end customarily with the same songs.  So just for kicks, here is our full set list from yesterday.  The songs with an asterisk were sung by myself.  I recorded everything on my phone, so the audio isn't great and there are some songs I don't know the title of, and couldn't understand the lyrics well enough to guess.

Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
When He Reached Down His Hand For Me*
Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
Right Or Wrong (instrumental, Wanda Jackson version)
This World is Not My Home
Fraulein (on of my wife's favorites, but I didn't sing it)
Build Me a Cabin in Gloryland*
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Double Eagle (instrumental)
Waltz of the Angels
Sing Me Back Home
Stand By Me*
How I'd Love to Be in Love With You (not sure of the correct title of this one)
? (instrumental, I forgot the title of this one)
Walking the Floor Over You
Walk Through This World With Me
Goodnight Irene*
You Never Can Tell
Harbor Lights (instrumental)
? (another one I don't know the title of!)
? (another one I don't know the title of, I guess I need to ask)
I Saw the Light*
Amazing Grace
Down Yonder (instrumental)
Long Black Veil
Silver Wings
Room Full of Roses*
Ramshackle Shack
? (another instrumental that I keep forgetting the title of)
Truck Driving Man
Crazy Arms
I'll Fly Away*
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
Spanish Eyes (instrumental)
Farther Along
I'll Be There Before the Next Teardrop Falls
Make the World Go Away

Most of the songs I do are regulars for me, and I perform them there often because that's what the people want to hear.  "Stand By Me," in particular, is always requested by one man who lives there and since I hadn't been there in about a month, as soon as he entered the room I played it on my next turn.  "Goodnight Irene" was requested by the woman who coordinates the group and who sings and plays acoustic guitar.  She requested that I do it because she likes singing the backing harmony vocals for it.

It's a long list, and I need to ask about some of those songs, apparently.  We usually play for around 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Yesterday it was right at 2 1/2.  I also sing backing vocals on several songs, so it's quite a workout, and I'm usually pretty tired by the time it's over.  But it's a lot of fun, and the residents of the nursing home really enjoy it.

I was also once able to play with some of them for an event at the local Methodist church when I was on vacation, as well as once playing with them at our county stock show.  Playing "live" with a band is a huge amount of fun--I highly recommend it!

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